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Ronald Hull - Diaries

Hull Diaries (1-161)

These MSS run for a period of 37 years. Containing a great variety of interesting subject matters. Recordings and sequences in parallel with: 'Hull Collection Volumes' 'Psychic Diaries' 'Psyche Diaries' Forming, if correlated using their timing. A composite Diary, still being compiled, without intention. Next to none. This obviously because of its value to all persons, as of themselves. The study of these works presented remains. What it is. Through. Love.

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Psychic Diaries (1-11)

Faced unexpectedly by the sight of an upturned glass with fingers on the top, moving across the table toward letters of the alphabet laid in a circle. With the participants endeavouring to receive communication. The endeavour to understand the nature of the force and the intelligence behind it followed. The 'Psychic Diaries' are records of the path taken without bias or any preconceived idea or believe. Showing a development and refinement which was followed by 'Psyche Diaries' Hull Collection' The study of which being invaluable.

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Psyche Diaries (1-3)

Refinement and mind together, can be seen as being synonymous with a necessary cleaning out. Changing by diluting into reality. This appears as a movement through the psychic in the diaries. Something which becomes more meaningful in the 'Hull Collection' out of which for simplification purposes the 'Rown Book' 'Woman. Man and Synchronicity was gathered. Enabling an insight by a person, to grasp that it is not in the outer world the problems exist. Our essential purpose for living being to accomplish this to the best of our abilities. Something only we can do. The ''Psyche Diaries' as with the 'Hull Collection Volumes' show this.

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