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Welcome to the website of Ronald Hull - Artist, Writer, Diarist, Filmmaker, Realizer.
Over the long time I have known Ron Hull, I have been privileged to have Ron as my friend and to
become acquainted with Ron's massive and fascinating body of work. As well as being a prolific
and accomplished painter, the towering achievement in Ron's work as I see it is to have
documented  intensive research looking at:

● Who we are
● Where we have come from
● Where we are going
● What is really happening

As a result of his work Ron has, I believe begun to map beyond the collective unconscious and to
realize how it all works. For years Ron has meticulously recorded daily events to detect patterns
that are our very existence. I see Ron like somebody, who goes out to find the way.
Unsurprisingly, what he tells us about is unfamiliar to us and beyond our experience, but it is
what's out there nonetheless.

Ron does not shy away from challenging us with what he has found, he just explains it as
straightforwardly as he can. Ron shows as clearly as he can across all his different art forms what
gets in our way and how we can evolve and make ourselves whole. Ron's true character is shown
by the love and dedication he puts into all that he does. You can access some of Ron's work here.
It is recommended that in order to receive the conscious insight of this work, the FORWARD be
used. Enabling a development which contemplates, beyond the fault, the real overall design.  
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The Coming
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